Top 4 Website Security Tips

An alarming amount of businesses have websites that are vulnerable to simple attacks and their owners are completely unaware. Following our list of best practices will help you ‘harden’ your brand’s website against attackers. These are crucial steps to prevent a major disruption in your business and the loss of your customer’s trust.

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Control Your Site’s Facebook Share Preview

Does your site look ugly when shared on Facebook? Not to worry: you can control the appearance of your website when being shared with these 4 simple steps. You will need to download the right plugin and set featured descriptions and images for all of your important pages. Then using a special tool [...]

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Responding to Google Reviews

You can’t control the content of your reviews, but you can have a heavy influence over your rating by taking some steps to boost it up while mitigating the damage from any bad reviews whenever possible. There are two methods for softening the blow of some harsh online critics. When dealing with negative reviews your first step is to make a public response. Start by [...]

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