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Personal growth is an ever-changing goal that we all strive for. Interesting people with new perspectives can inspire us to change our behavior to meet that goal of growth.

We want to be more grateful for what we have while also fostering a curiosity to learn something new. This is why I’m so excited to be working with Cold Shower.

Check out their site to experience a collection of stories and conversations that will challenge your viewpoints and open your mind to a new way to thinking about issues both new and old.

Taylor Cramer of the Cold Shower Podcast

More Than A Podcast

We built a platform that showcases the best of their content from a growing audio and text library. Visitors are encouraged to join the movement by subscribing to the podcast and newsletter.

Cold Coast Media and Cold Shower have more in common than our frosty names. We share a common philosophy and hope for the future. As Cold Shower continues to connect likeminded people we’ll be there to help them expand their reach.

The idea for the Cold Shower Podcast was born out of a desire for connection. The connection of people with opposing ideologies and political affiliation. Taylor Cramer, the founder of Cold Shower, felt that people have become too comfortable with their opinions. It’s healthy for opinions to be challenged through difficult and stimulating conversations.

Favorite Stories

Throughout the 40 plus episodes of the podcast, there have been a range of stories that touch on many points of the emotional spectrum. Listeners have heard accounts of near death experiences, living through periods of unthinkable grief, and maintaining relationships through the most difficult times.

Keep reading to see a couple of Taylor’s favorite stories so far…

Episode 41 – Forced Joy Project

Episode 41 features Dana Frost and the Forced Joy Project. Dana recounts her experience of losing her husband to cancer only 5 years after a cancer diagnosis of her own. The Forced Joy Project focuses on finding positives in situations where it can be hard to move forward.

They work to connect people during their most difficult and trying times, to show them that there are others that understand their struggle. Building and maintaining a sense of community among people with common experiences is essential to mental health (and survival in general) for anyone that finds themselves in these extremely difficult circumstances.

Cold Shower Podcast - Forced Joy Project ep41

Episode 16 – The Bear Man

Tune in to Episode 16 to hear the spine-tingling tale of a vicious bear attack that was narrowly survived. Jim VanSteenhouse faced certain death when he was mauled by an 800lb grizzly while hunting in northwestern Canada.

This experience shook him to his core and caused a fundamental shift in his outlook on life. After the attack, Jim realized that his faith needed to be a much stronger focus in his life. He has continued to use the event to spread positivity through his public speaking engagements where he recounts that day and how it changed him for the better.

Cold Shower Podcast - The Bear Man ep16

Facilitating Growth

Cold Shower plans to continue to expand their quickly growing library of content. Being a conduit for normal people to share their extraordinary talents and interests with the world.

Cold Coast Media will be supporting with assistance in the production of more in-depth content that supplements the stories told on the Podcast. Many of these tales have implications that are far reaching. It will be beneficial to include their content in text form as well as high quality images and video that can show a different side in more detail.

If any of this has piqued your interest, take a minute to subscribe to the Cold Shower Podcast or check out the website at

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