Planning Your Trip to Exuma

When to Go, Where to Stay, and What to Bring.

Planning Your Trip to Exuma

When to Go, Where to Stay, and What to Bring.

February Point Villa

A quick search of AirBnB will reveal at least 100 options for places to rent during your trip to Great Exuma. We had the pleasure of spending the week at February Point. They were a great choice for being able to comfortably house all 6 of our group with a great view of the water.

February Point also has the benefit of being only a few minutes from George Town and a 20 minute drive to Exuma International Airport.

Planning and Preparing

For the most part you can prepare for a trip to Exuma just like any other beach getaway, but there are a few special considerations. The Bahamas get sunshine and nice weather year-round. Their rainy season is from June through October. A sweet spot for your trip may be between November and May.

One of the most expensive parts about our visit was the food costs. Whether you’re at a restaurant or just picking up supplies at one of the local stores – food and drinks in Exuma are more costly than usual. An average meal will cost between $25 and $30 per person while drinks are about $5-6 for a light beer and $10-12 for a mixed drink. Food costs at the grocery store are roughly double what you would pay in the states (sometimes more).

If you’re trying to make the trip on a strict budget you should pack as much of your food and liquor as possible.

Final Thoughts

You really can’t go wrong with a trip to the Exumas. Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach all day long or you prefer to seek out adventure at every opportunity, there’s something for the whole family. Flights from Miami are only about an hour or so long and everyone speaks English which makes this an easy trip for people coming from the US.

When you’re there make it a point to check out a lot of little dive bars and restaurants. There were beautiful views and interesting people inside almost all of them. We will definitely consider coming back to the Exumas again someday, hopefully sooner rather than later!

View of Ocean Framed in Rocks at Tropic Breeze Beach